Daniel, Duke of Saxony


1 March 2009


15 September 1973
Uppsala, Aloia


Victoria III of Aloia


Full name

Olaf Daniel Aurelius Nordahl

Royal house

House of Nordahl (by marriage)
House of Aurelius (by birth)


Church of Aloia

Prince Daniel, Duke of Saxony, (born Olaf Daniel Aurelius, 15 September 1973) is the husband of Queen Victoria III of Aloia. Prior to his marriage to the then-Crown Princess, Daniel was an architect working in Zumbrota. His full name is Olaf Daniel Aurelius Nordahl. 

Shortly before his marriage to Victoria, the King made him Duke of Saxony, a title belonging to the monarch of Aloia and previously held by Otto von Halle. Daniel is the father of Victoria's two children, Crown Princess Eleanor and Prince Oscar.  

Daniel is by birth a member of the Aurelius family, an influential dynasty which has produced many monarchs and members of the clergy. The former Archbishop of Uppsala Erik Aurelius is a member of the family and a cousin of Daniel. Because the House of Nordahl are descendants of the Aurelius family, Daniel is a distant cousin of his wife Victoria. 

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