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Luke Heidelssen (Christian Democrat)

The Grand Duchy of Danmark is a state of Aloia. Danmark is located north of Svea. Its capital is Copenhagen (Danish: Københaven), a former member of the Baltic League. The state is named for its inhabitants, the Danes.

The Queen of Aloia is also the Grand Duchess of the Danes, a different title from the Grand Duke of Danmark, which is currently Christian VI. The Queen's title is derived from the 1417 Peace of Halle, when the Crown of Minnesota and Konza became sovereign over all the Baltic League, while still preserving existent rulers.

Aransas - Bohemia - Campostella - Constance - Dakota - Danmark - Danzig - Faeroe
Finland - Honduras - Iceland - Ingria - Karelia - Konza - Lower Silesia - Mariana
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Upper Silesia - Victoria - Wessex - Westphalia

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