The Deosian Calendar is a religious calendar used in Novem Deos and the Marquettian Orthodoxy. In Eurasia, unlike the Julian Calendar, it holds not legal bearing, and instead is merely liturgical, used to identify Deosian holidays and to determine proper worship times. The calendar itself is based off of an older calendar in use by both the Maiorist community and the Deosians during Laurentine Eurasia.

Month Eurasian Start Ends
Morning Star Strella Mane Jan 1 Jan 31
Sun's Dawn Aurora Solis Feb 1 Feb 28 (29 on intercalary day)
First Seed Primum Semen March 1st March 31st
Rain's Hand Manus Imbris April 1st April 30th
Second Seed Secundum Semen May 1st May 31st
Mid Year Medius Annus June 1st June 30th
Sun's Height Apex Solis July 1st July 31st
Last Seed Postremum Semen Aug 1st Aug 31st
Hearthfire Vestia Sep 1st Sep 30th
Frostfall Primum Frigus Oct 1st Oct 31st
Sun's Dusk Solis Occasus Nov 1st Nov 30th
Evening Star Strella Vesperis Dec 1st Dec 31st

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