The DiClementi family is an Aloian family originally from Pewaukee, Iceland. Since the election of Louis DiClementi to the office of Chancellor of Aloia in 1956, the family has been intimately involved with Aloia's political process. Numerous governors, Senators, High Councillors, and a Vice Chancellor have come from this family.

The DiClementis are unique in Aloian history because they're a politically successful Catholic family. Catholicism has historically been seen as a negative trait for a politician to have in Protestant Aloia. While the DiClementis were originally from Pewaukee, Iceland, their influence has reached much further than that, with DiClementis serving in the government of at least 13 of Aloia's states. Benedict DiClementi, the most prominent modern DiClementi politician served as Vice Chancellor of Aloia from 2005 to 2013 and in 2013 was appointed Ambassador to Duresia. David of Saint Helena is the husband of Grand Duchess Maria of Saint Helena. Kathleen DiClementi Nelson has served as First Lady of Aloia since 2013, when her husband John Mark Nelson was elected Chancellor of Aloia.