A statuette of Dibella, common in temples or other areas likely to practice Dibellan arts.

Open thine heart to the noble secrets of art and love. Treasure the gifts of friendship. Seek joy and inspiration in the mysteries of love.

Dibella (Eurasian: Dibella) is the Deosian goddess of love, art, and beauty. She is one of the most controversial of the Nine Divines, as unlike Mara, who is dedicated to the perfection of the warmth of love, Dibella is devoted to the passion of and fire of love. She is also the goddess of erotic passion. In just the Laurentine Isle, there are dozens of cults dedicated in her name to things as varied as the arts, beautification, and erotic instruction.

Dibella's sphere of love is distinct from that of Mara. Mara is described as the goddess of marital love and affection, or love derived from happiness. Dibella is described as the goddess of erotic pleasure and passionate love. Dibella is considered the equivalent of the Maiorist goddess Venus, or the Aetherist Aphrodite.

Dibella is rumored to have personally authored the controversial book Dibellan Arts, which depict any number of sexual acts. The book is popular in Eurasia, and frequently is on the bestseller lists in Arveyres. The profits derived therefrom go to the Temple of the One.