Douglas Horn

Political office

55th Chancellor of Aloia

In office

10 January 1953 - 10 January 1957

Preceded by

Hal Neuberg

Succeeded by

Louis DiClementi


Douglas Oliver Anthony Horn
26 April 1886
Zumbrota, Victoria


9 November 1970
Bellechester, Victoria

Political party

Conservative Party (1930-1932)
Social Democratic Party of the Peninsulas (1932-1970)


Victoria Drew


3 children

Alma mater

Wellington College
University of Minnesota

Douglas Oliver Anthony Horn, 12th Count of Bellechester (26 April 1886 - 9 November 1970) was an Aloian nobleman and politician who served as Chancellor of Aloia from to 1953 to 1957. Horn was Aloia's first African Aloian Chancellor and first Social Democratic Chancellor. 

Horn was born in Zumbrota, the illegitimate son of Lord Oliver Horn, Count of Bellechester, with one of his maids. Douglas was taken in by the elder Horn and raised as the heir to the County of Bellechester. Horn attended Wellington College, the first African Aloian student to ever do so. Horn then attended the University of Minnesota, again the first African Aloian student ever to do so. While in college at the University, Horn became involved in the Social Democratic movement.

Horn went into business with his father, greatly expanding and improving the Bellechester Vineyards. Today wine from these vineyards are considered to be of the highest quality and prized around the world. In 1930, Horn was the first African Aloian elected to the Senate of Aloia, representing the area around Bellechester. In his first term, Horn was a member of the Conservative Party. In 1931, he was approached by some of his college peers who challenged to switch to the Social Democratic Party. This was a large shift in position and, despite his popularity and influence in Bellechester, he lost to the Tory candidate in the 1932 election.

Horn moved into Zumbrota in 1933 and campaigned in 1934 for Senate as a Social Democrat. He won and represented Zumbrota until his ffather died in 1944. Douglas returned to his family's estate and became the 12th Count of Bellechester. Douglas retired from the senate after 1944. In 1948, he ran for Governor of the State of Victoria and won.

Horn ran for Chancellor of Aloia in 1952, defeating Conservative incumbent Hal Neuberg, becoming Aloia's first Socialist Chancellor and first African Aloian Chancellor. Horn enacted numerous changes to repair the damage done to the value of the Aloian dollar during the Neuberg administration. In addition, Horn enacted numerous changes to socialize Aloian medical care and education, changes which were met with harsh resistance, especially from King Gustaf XV. Horn was defeated in the 1956 election by General Louis DiClementi and Horn returned to Bellechester. He ran for Chancellor twice more, but was defeated both times. Horn died in 1970.

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