Native to

Eurasia, in Cortoriacum and smaller communities

Native speakers

19 million (2016)
L2 speakers: 100 million (2016)

Language family

- - - - Dovahzul

Early forms

Ancient Dovahzul

Writing systems

Dovahzul Alphabet (Urbance)
Dovic Alphabet

Official language in


Regulated by

Tinvaak Brod

ISO 639-1


ISO 639-2


Dovahzul (Dovahzul, Thu'um), also known as Cortorian is a language isolate, spoken in parts of Eurasia. It has undergone distinct phonological and morphological evolution due to its isolation, and has imported many words from Eurasian. Historically, Dovahzul was written in its own native alphabet, but due to communication issues with Eurasia this was gradually superseded by the Julian alphabet, and now is only found in religious texts. It is the only surviving member of the Dovic languages, and is widely spoken within the Eurasian province of Cortoriacum. A speaker of Dovahzul is known as a Cortoriaphone in English and a Tinvaaksedov.

Dovahzul originates in the Praetorian Guard of Eurasia, who historically were of Lyrian ethnicity and spoke Germanic languages. Emperors of Eurasia developed an affinity for guards sourced from the southerly regions of Lyria and of the other nearby provinces, and as these guards retired from duty they were given land in the province of Cortoriacum. However, it is now believed that these guards, while Lyrian ethnically, did not speak the Lyrian language, for reasons still unknown. The language mixed further with the native languages of Cortoriacum, which are considered by many linguists to have been linguistic isolates. It has therefore been postulated that Dovahzul is in fact not an Indo-Esamiran language, as many of the distinctive facets of IE languages are absent from Dovahzul, such as a complete lack of verb tenses. Dovahzul also maintains a distinct difference between the spoken, colloquial language and that used in literature and in prose.

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