Usage of recreational drugs is considerably high within the Holy Orthodox Empire of Marquette. The vast majority of recreational drug use can be attributed to psychedelics, rather than painkillers and opioids. The usage of psychedelics has a long history in Marquette, being used in healing rituals within the Marquetien Orthodox Church, as well as other traditional uses. Cannabis has never been illegal, and is only minimally regulated by the government. Children are taught from a young age how to respect the potency of psychedelics, which has led to a remarkably low rate of abuse of narcotics in the nation. No person under the age of 16 is permitted to consume any form of drug -- be it psychedlic or opioid, etc. (as Marquette uses a different legal definition of drug than the rest of the world.

Federal Drug Policy

In Marquette, legal code defines a drug as the following, "any substance not extracted or retrieved from natural-growing matter that is intended to harm any given individual or induce symptoms of a tranquilized state." Police generally only actively search for narcotics such as opioids or other painkillers, as psychedelics such as psilocybin, salvia divinorum, or other plants such as cannabis are not illegal under Marquetien law.

Historical Usage

The first evidence of psychedelic drug usage appears from even earlier than records left behind from the Eurasian Empire. Psychedelic drugs have been used in healing rituals since time immemorial, and concoctions of various endemic plants to Marquette have helped people rectify past troubles, although this has never been explicitly scientifically proven. 

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