Duchy of North Brandelhorn
Duchy of North Brandelhorn (coat of arms)
The coat of arms of the Duchy


New Tarajan





Ruling House

House Van Leeuwen



The Duchy of North Brandelhorn is a Heerlijkheden (Tarajani Dutch for Lordship) in the Kingdom of New Tarajan, ruled by House Van Leeuwen. Its capital city is Goedewind.


The original County of Brandelhorn was founded in the first half of the XVI century, in the wave of the Antanaresian conquest of the Ajanic lands. After the Battle of Lake Horat of 1544 the Ajanic Shahdom ceased to exist, and was replace by direct Antanaresian domination over all over the north part of Tarajan. The County was originally ruled by House Van Hood. After its extinction in 1557, it was replaced by House Van Leeuwen, with Jan II being the first count of the line. In 1617 Count Marteen III proclaimed himself Duke (with the patronage of King Heinrich IV, who was an ally of him). However, only three years later he died, leaving his heritage to be divided among his two sons. King Heinrich, as neutral mediator, ruled for the division of the Duchy: the south went to the first son of the deceased duke, Jan V, while the second son Marteen IV (1620 - 1670) received the northern territories. Both States retained their ducal title. One year later, Marteen IV pledged his allegiance to King Heinrich, officially joining the Kingdom of Tarajan (it was followed eigth years later by South Brandelhorn). From that moment onwards, the history of the Duchy was strictly linked to that of Tarajan as a whole.


The Duchy of North Brandelhorn is one of the most mountainous States of New Tarajan, fully enclosed in the Ullai Mountains. Its geography is thus characterized by the presence of high peaks and deep valleys, usually with lakes and rivers, and many hills, especially in the east.


Being the fourth smallest State (and the less populated one) of the Kingdom, North Brandelhorn never based its economy on the presence of a large population: manufacturing industries are almost non-existent, and the most prominent sectors of the Duchy economy are agriculture/sheep-farming and tourism. The Duchy is reknown for its production of wines (although not as prestigious as those coming from the Lake Horat), apples (probably the most famous ones in the Kingdom), wool, and lamb meat; tourism is favoured by the presence of many important ski stations and natural parks, and its famous castles.

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