Duchy of Schaleswik-Seeburg

Herschtum ver Schaleswik-Seeburg
Hertigdøm æf Sælsvik-Søborg



"Were ig Nordemen"
("We are the Northmen")



Official languages

Lyrian, Low Lyrian




Georg ver Broeckdorf


1210 (unifaction of Seeburg and Schaleswik)



Duchy of Schaleswik-Seeburg (Lyrian: Herschtum ver Schaleswik-Seeburg; Low Lyrian: Hertigdøm æf Sælsvik-Søborg) Is a bilingual coast Duchy by the Lyrian sea.

The first settlers of Schaleswik and Seeburg were the Vikings, therefore the motto 'we are the Northmen', around 80% of the population speaks Low Lyrian as their native language, though almost every citizen of Schaleswik-Seeburg is also completely fluent in Lyrian (called High Lyrian on the coast).

Since the 16th century, the Duchy has been ruled by the house Broeckdorf or Brøgdirv as called in Low Lyrian.

The Duchy of Schaleswik-Seeburg is renown for not having any local duchy tax whatsoever and being a big hub for tourism in summer due to the many sandy beaches.

Schaleswik-Seeburg has for a long time been a centre for the Low Lyrian culture and it's Nordic heiritage, together with the free city of Kresburg and Duchy of Lyrwik they form the Duresian area called Low Lyria, or the Lyrian plains. The three states of Duresia are very important for Lyrian culture in Duresia.



Tumblr nh940iuU2f1t1g01wo1 1280

Typical Sälswikian landscape

Duchy of Schaleswik-Seeburg is known to be very cold at winters with mild summers, it is also known to be the most windy state of Duresia, it is known for it's sandy beaches, windy weather and the many plains and beautiful brick-made houses and villages.



Most inhabitants of the Duchy of Schaleswik-Seeburg speak High Lyrian as the common day language, 70% claim they speak Low Lyrian fluently but don't use it as often as High Lyrian, almost all Sälswikians claim at least some proficiency in Low Lyrian.

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