Duresian Civil War
Engelsfelt ruins
Streets of Engelsfelt after the siege of Engelsfelt


5th July 1944, - May 8th, 1947 (2 years, 10 months, 3 days)


Duresia, Newellia, Zackalantis


Collapse of the Duresian First Republic reinsitution of the Duresian Empire


Duresian Royalists, Duresian National Republic (Eurasia), Revolutionary Front of Duresia, Republican Front, Various volunteers

Commanders and Leaders

Laurentius III (Eurasia)
Alois Breuger, (Duresia)
Karl Josef ver Broeckdorf (Duresia)

Casualties and losses:

Total: 17.000.0000 (8.000.000 civilians, 9.000.000 military)

The Duresian Civil War was an internal conflict in the Duresian First Republic that led to its collapse which coincided with the end of the Great War. The Civil War led to the restoration of the Duresian Empire.

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