E. G. McKenna

Political office

45th Chancellor of Aloia

In office

10 January 1869 - 10 January 1873

Preceded by

Milton Waite

Succeeded by

Otto von Halle


Ephraim George McKenna
17 June 1801
Sharon Springs, Konza


17 April 1888
LaCrosse, Konza

Political party

Federalist Party of Aloia

Spouse and family

Deborah Ellis
8 children

Alma mater

Konza State College
University of Konza


Church of Aloia

Ephraim George McKenna (17 June 1801 - 17 April 1888) was an Aloian archaeologist and politician. He served as Chancellor of Aloia from 1868 to 1872. McKenna was a Federalist.

McKenna was born to a Church of Aloia minister and his Arveyran wife in Sharon Springs, Konza. McKenna was educated at Konza State University, then known as Konza State College, and the University of Konza. He studied to be an archaeologist. During his career as an archaeologist, he was part of the famous multinational team that rediscovered and publicized the Cave of the Hands in western Diamanto, south of the Argentine Republic.

In 1850, he was recalled from the field by Queen Victoria Augusta to be her cultural advisor as she went about rebuilding and reshaping Zumbrota into the capital of the Aloian Empire. He thrived in that role, becoming intimately involved in many of the issues that shaped Zumbrotan society and culture in the beginning of its days as the capital. He was eventually elected mayor of Zumbrota in 1860.

He was elected Chancellor of Aloia in 1868 as a Federalist. Historians have often suggested his election was part of an elaborate effort by Queen Victoria and other top politicians who had constantly clashed with previous Chancellor Milton Waite. McKenna was highly respected throughout the country for his time in Zumbrota. McKenna oversaw the annexation of Natal in 1871. McKenna didn't seek re-election and was succeeded by Otto von Halle.

After his time as Chancellor, McKenna went to Konza State University to teach archaeology. He died in 1888 in LaCrosse, Konza.