Princess Elaena
Elaena attending a Versace runway show in Grand Haven


13 April 1982 (aged 34)
Virgin Palace, Calabasas, Arveyres


Naveen Garagen


House of Vergara


Luceo, Duke of Andalusia


Nina II



Elaena, Princess of Arveyres (Elaena Valentina Camila da Vergara di Garagen; born 13 April 1982) is the sixth and youngest child of Nina II, Queen of Arveyres and Luceo, Duke of Andalusia. She is seventh in line to succeed her older sister, Sofia X. She was educated in Civitius for primary school and in Julium for secondary school, and she began attending the University of Julium for a degree in medicine.

Elaena has a career in Arveyran politics, formerly serving as the Arveyran Ambassador to New Zealand, installed in Grand Haven in 2010 and serving until 2015, not fulfilling her eight year term. She began developing her relationship with a police medic in Grand Haven named Naveen Garagen, who would eventually become the President of New Zealand, following diplomatic intervention following an incident in which Garagen partook in involving a suspicious parcel. She stepped down from her post as ambassador as she thought it would conflict with her duties as ambassador. She now works as a pharmacist in Grand Haven.

The two, Vergara and Garagen, were married in 2016 at the Virgin Palace in Calabasas, Arveyres, in a full-style Arveyran royal wedding and they do not have any children. The royal couple when in Arveyres is addressed as the Prince and Princess of Arveyres.

In 2017, following the Invasion of New Zealand, Elaena was at the center of a series of situations involving Eurasia, Arveyres, and New Zealand, which culminated in her revoking her Arveyran citizenship. Following this, she was tried in absentia for high treason in Eurasia and sentenced to death, in the infamous Elaena of Arveyres v. Eurasia, as her Eurasian citizenship could not be unilaterally revoked by its holder but instead by the Ministry of Culture. Elaena, as such, cannot return to Eurasia unless the ruling is reversed. Currently, she can still appeal the ruling to the Emperor of Eurasia, Augustus IV.

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