Elaena of Arveyres v. Supreme Tribunal of Eurasia, known formally as Estate of Elaena Naveen, Princess of Arveyres versus the Supreme Tribunal of Cassation of the Empire of Eurasia was a legal dispute (to reverse the ruling of Elaena of Arveyres v. Eurasia) between the Estate of Elaena, Princess of Arveyres, represented by the Queen of Arveyres due to the Princess' current political situation]] against the Supreme Tribunal, who sentenced the Princess to death in absentia for treason.

The case revolves around the wording used in Elaena's proclamation of relinquishing Arveyran residency in favor of living in New Zealand with her husband, the President of New Zealand Naveen Garagen. This complicated the situation in Julium, who understood this action as a unilateral withdrawal of Arveyran citizenship. Although both the revocation of residency and citizenship are permitted in Arveyres, the assumption of her actions as the latter caused a political scandal, in which the Government in Julium assumed her of "siding with the President [... during] the Invasion of New Zealand.

The Queen representing the party in absentia brought together this evidence of mistranslation and the belief that an unfair trial had been brokered with major human rights violations and appealed for the revocation of the order of her death, but after a long legal battle was ultimately dismissed.

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