Elaena of Arveyres v. Eurasia, known formally as Elaena, Princess of Arveyres versus the Empire of Eurasia et al. was an legal dispute which took place between Elaena, Princess of Arveyres and the Eurasian Ministry of Culture. After a series of gradually intensifying legal battles, the dispute ended with a Eurasian Superior Magistrate sentencing her to death in absentia for treason.

The case began when Elaena unilaterally withdrew her Arveyran citizenship, an action which was legal under Arveyran law. However, the Eurasian Government argued that, given that she was also a Eurasian citizen, she had committed treason in siding with President Naveen Garagen in the Invasion of New Zealand. The prosecution built their case upon the concept that Eurasian citizenship cannot be unilaterally withdrawn by an individual without the assent of the Ministry of Culture.

Arveyran citizens occupy a unique rung in the Eurasian citizenship ladder. An Arveyran citizen automatically possesses Eurasian citizenship, largely due to Eurasia recognizing Arveyran citizenship more as an autonomous provincial distinction than an actual separate national identity, at least for internal purposes.

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