Emperor of Eurasia
Imperator Eurasiae
His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Augustus IV of Eurasia


99 BCE

Inaugural Holder

Julius Eurasius

Current Emperor

Augustus IV




Imperial Palace

The Emperor of Eurasia, or Imperator Eurasiae, (historically, Imperator Laurentiae), also Imperatrix Eurasiae (Empress of Eurasia) is the absolute monarchical ruler of the Eurasian Empire. The position of Emperor is hereditary, having only ever been held by members of the House of Eurasius.The Emperor is also considered the ultimate judge in Eurasian law, but rarely exercises this right. The current Emperor is Augustus IV, the descendant of the first Emperor Julius Eurasius. The Emperor is the head of the Imperial Government.

The position and power inherent therein have changed over the two millennia Eurasia has existed. Initially a position that was carefully hidden despotism, it became far more transparent and democratic after the Writs of the Setertiamillenniary in the late 1300's, and especially so in the 1950's with the Marinian Reforms. However, the Emperor and the concept of imperial power are ancient ideas, and the Emperor still maintains far more power than his elected counterparts in more democratic societies.

The Emperor's full title is: Majestas Imperatoria Suum, (N), Pontifex Maximus, Pius Felix, Pater Patriae, Nobilissimus, Invictus, Imperator Destinatus, Magistratus Granadae, Palatinus Divinus Arveriae, Imperator Imperii Eurasiae, or "His Imperial Majesty, (N), High Priest, Pious and Blessed, Father of the Fatherland, Most Noble, Unconquered, Ruler by (Divine) Destiny, Magistrate of Granada, Divine Palatine of Arveyres, Emperor of the Eurasian Empire".