Erik Aurelius


Archbishop of Uppsala, Primate of All Aloia


Church of Aloia


Province of Uppsala


Archdiocese of Uppsala


Dane Garland


Martin Sasse

Erik Aurelius is the former Archbishop of Uppsala and currently serves as a pastor at Triumph Church in Konza City. Aurelius was the vicar of Oberlin, Northumbria, before serving as Archbishop of Konza City. Aurelius was elevated to the Archbishopric of Uppsala in 2010, succeeding Dane Garland and was himself succeeded in 2017 by Rev. Dr. Martin Sasse.

Aurelius is a member of the influential House of Aurelius and a cousin of Queen Victoria's husband Daniel. Aurelius was educated at Oberlin College in Oberlin, Konza, and St. Olaf University in Northfield, Anglia

Role in the 2016 Calendar Transition

Aurelius was essential in the charge to return Aloia to the Gregorian calendar, after 50 years following the International Fixed Calendar, a 13-month calendar. The objection of Aurelius and the Church was that under the Fixed Calendar, all holidays were automatically moved to a Monday, which disrupted many of the Church's feast days and celebrations. Aurelius and the Church led a coalition of other religious and cultural leaders in the process of ending the Fixed Calendar in Aloia.