St erik

Erik of Uppsala, as illustrated in the Church of the Resurrection in Zumbrota.

Erik of Uppsala, also called Erik the Lawgiver, Saint Erik, and Erik the Holy, was a Minnesotan king and the Duke of Uppsala. Not much is verifiably known about Erik, and most information about him is based on later accounts which aimed to promote his canonization as a saint. A popular tale about him is the story of King Erik and the waves. 

What is known is that Erik was the Duke of Uppsala and the King of Minnesota. Erik issued a series of laws to promote order and solidarity in the expanding kingdom. He was killed by one of his rivals as he left church in Uppsala. In later centuries he became a focus of veneration and Minnesotan, and later Aloian, nationalism. The city of Erikskrona, Svea, is named for him, as well as numerous churches and other things throughout Aloia.

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