Emperor of Ascania
Ermanaric in Asiago
Ermanaric after conquering Asiago


February 22 440 AD - June 3 463 AD


Unknown, probably just after the start of his reign


Emperor Augustus Titus Maro

Heir Apparent

Euric the Fair


Junia Maro

Royal house







Euric the Fair


Germanic Paganism
Later - Mos Maiorism

Ermanaric I was the first Germanic King of the Ascanians from 440–463, grandson of chieftain Vicerix. Ermanaric is best known for his sack of Clervau in 439, which marked a decisive event in the decline of the Arveyro-Eurasian controlled Ascania.

Ermanaric is believed to originially be of Celtic origin due to his grandfather Vicerix's Celtic heiritage, his real name is believed to be Imenarix.

Ermanaric was known for his great strategic mind even before the sack of the Ascanian cities and towns, he was himself a mercenary commander of Ascanian troops in various wars for Arveyres and Eurasia before he turned against them gathering his army in the deep mountain regions of Duresia.

As the newly crowned Emperor of Ascania he was known as Ermanaricus Magnus Duriteius, founding the house Duriteius when he was crowned. He also converted to Mos Maiorism when get got crowned Emperor.

The old Emperor Augustus Titus Maro saw an opurtunity in Ermanaric's conquest of Ascania and offered him his daughers hand in marriage after the siege of Clervau, something that saved most of the senate and the old Emperor's family from execution. It is said that Emperor Augustus Maro kneeled before Ermanaric after the succesful siege and called him 'Domine'. Ermanaric is therefore historically known as being the Emperor of Emperors.

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