Prehistory (before 1st century)

1st century (00s)

2nd century (100s)

3rd century (200s)

4th century (300s)

5th century (400s)

6th century (500s)

7th century (600s)

8th century (700s)

  • 705 Border skirmishes with Imbrispi Confederation begin.
  • 708 Great Fire of Arbor Felix occurs.
  • 709 Emperor Tiberius II blames fire on Basque natives, expels them to Stabiae.
  • 716 High Archprimate Codenix Sirone is assassinated by Christian elements.
  • 716 Purge of the Laurentine occurs, Deosian militias hunt down and burn Christian churches.
  • 723 High Archprimate Alessatotis Maccina declares Jesus Christ a servant of Mehrunes Dagon.
  • 728 Germanic tribesman begin raiding Eurasian shipping along the coasts of Arveyres.
  • 733 Tiberius II dies. Audrea is crowned Empress.
  • 734 Imbrispi attack Eurasian holdings in Mediolanum.
  • 734 War of the Numantine begins.
  • 735 Imbrispi forced from Mediolanum.
  • 736 Battle atop the Moor takes place, decisive Eurasian victory.
  • 738 Imbrispi almost totally forced from their native lands north into Duresia.
  • 739 Cleansing of the High Fane takes place, decisive Eurasian victory. Imbrispi destroyed.
  • 741 Empress Audrea celebrates her first triumph.
  • 746 Future Emperor Marcus I is born.
  • 748 Audrea grants widespread clemency to Muslims and Jews who agree to pay a religious tax.
  • 754 Historia Eurasiana, Vol. I is published, detailing the history of the Eurasian Empire to that point.
  • 757 Election of Senator Aslam Shafi, the first Muslim Senator in Eurasian history.
  • 760 Assassination of Aslam Shafi.
  • 761 Death of Empress Audrea.
  • 761 Coronation of Emperor Marcus I.
  • 763 Province of Numantinius renamed Audrinia in honor of Empress Audrea.
  • 764 Province of Lustinia renamed Mariana in honor of Gen. Marinius.
  • 773 Great Famine of 773, thousands die in rural Asticus from crop failure.
  • 774 Crop failure blamed on Christians, thousands are killed or flee the Empire.
  • 776 Emperor Marcus reinstitutes the old-Augustan Bureau of Bread and Antidote to control food distribution.
  • 779 End of famine.
  • 787 Discovery of gold in Audrea.

9th century (800s)

10th century (900s)

11th century (1000s)

12th century (1100s)

13th century (1200s)

14th century (1300s)

15th century (1400s)

16th century (1500s)

17th century (1600s)

18th century (1700s)

19th century (1800s)

20th century (1900s)

21st century (2000s)

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