Eurasian Navy
Classis Imperatoria


"Ferrea mole, ferreo cuores"
(Iron mass, iron heart.)




Sea-based naval warfare

Total strength

1.4 billion


Per Neptuno




~100 BCE

The Eurasian Fleets (Eurasian: Classis Imperatoria) is the sea-based armed force of the Military of Eurasia. The Eurasian Fleets are one of the largest and most powerful naval forces in existence, and is frequently deployed to project Eurasian imperial power across the world. Owing to its global nature, the Eurasian Empire has historically relied heavily on its Navy, which caused it to receive nearly the same level of funding as the Eurasian Legions.

The Fleets themselves are ordered in a traditional manner, reminiscent of Germanic patterns insofar as the Germanic patters were inspired by the original Eurasian configurations. Ships, despite their evolution from their ancient namesakes, maintain the same naming patterns as the ships whose roles they fulfilled in the ancient past. The Fleets' domestic counterpart is the Port Guard, who operate as a branch of the Ministry of War as well.

Ships of the Eurasian Fleets do not maintain internal prefix-based distinctions. In English-speaking navies, Eurasian commissioned ships are referred to as IES (Imperial Eurasian Ship), non-commissioned vessels as EFS (Eurasian Fleet Ship), and Port Guard vessels as EPGV (Eurasian Port Guard Vessel).

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