Gubernatus Militaris Saquelanti Australi
Military Governorate of Southern Zackalantis


Non duco, ducor.
I do not lead, I am led. (Eurasian)


Saxa Rubra

Official languages

Eurasian (official), Hindi (unofficial), English (working official)


Southern Zack


Military dictatorship


Tiberius Claudius Donatus





Successor state


Eurasian Zackalantis, officially the Military Governorate of South Zackalantis (Eurasian: Gubernatus Militaris Saquelanti Australi), was the portion of Zackalantis controlled by Eurasia following the joint-Duresio-Eurasian invasion of Zackalantis during the Great War in 1938. The state was originally run as a colonial government, and gradually transitioned to military rule following a series of Zack partisan attacks against the colonial administration. The area was never a fully-provinced area of the Eurasian Empire, and as such did not retain a Praetor, nor any form of senatorial representation. The Governor, Tiberius Claudius Donatus, was appointed by the Senate at the Emperor's request.

The Governorate played a large part in the Omnestacita, and a very large portion of its people and its intelligentsia were eradicated by Eurasian authorities. Many of the largest concentration camps in that hemisphere of the world were located in the South of the former Kingdom, as Duresia often shared the camps with the Eurasian authorities.

After the fall of the Duresian Republic in 1946, a state of anarchy descended across the Governorate, as Eurasian military forces were forced to annex the portion of the country that had belonged to Duresia, which drastically overstretched their supply lines and troop capabilities. With this erosion of Imperial rule, hundreds of thousands died in reprisals instigated by angry Duresian or Eurasian troops, and the Eurasians intentionally burned crops to bring about a disastrous famine during their forced withdrawal. By the time Eurasian troops were hurriedly withdrawn in late 1947 under orders of Marinus of Eurasia, the country had been reverted to a near bronze-age state, with almost all infrastructure destroyed. In many ways, Zackalantis has yet to recover from the occupation.

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