Evangelical Free Church of Aloia







Merger of

Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Aloia
Free Evangelical Lutheran Church of Aloia



The Evangelical Free Church of Aloia is the third largest Christian church in Aloia, with approximately 4.9 million members. The EFCA was established in 1925, as a result of the merger of the Evangelical Lutheran Assocation of Aloia and the Free Evangelical Lutheran Church of Aloia, two church bodies which had separated from the Church of Aloia in 1856 and 1893, respectively. Though they dropped the name Lutheran, the EFCA still claims their Lutheran heritage and participates in a number of ecumenical Lutheran organizations and events.

The EFCA is more low-church in orientation, in addition to being Aloia's most liberal major church. The EFCA is the only major denomination in Aloia to fully ordain women to the priesthood. (Individual dioceses of the Church of Aloia, including the Diocese of Denver, ordain women.) A notable member of the Evangelical Free Church was Chancellor Victoria Chisholm.

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