Fallout Shelters in Eurasia are a significant part of Eurasian civil defense planning. They are an integral component of plans such as War Protocol Dis Pater, and are designed to protect a significant portion of the Eurasian population in the event of nuclear war or accident. The Eurasian Ministry of Civil Defense classifies shelters in Eurasia into two categories, public shelters and private shelters. Each is subject to different regulations, but in general all public buildings and the vast majority of private buildings in Eurasia are required to have a minimal form of fallout shelter.

Eurasian military studies indicate that, in the event of total nuclear war, which would include massive retaliation and secondary strikes on both sides, only 40% of Eurasian civilians will be able to make it to a shelter in time, regardless of whether enough shelters exist to house the entirety of the population. Thus, the Ministry of Civil Defense has attempted to make preparations to save as many people as possible, but has never constructed enough shelters to save 100% of the Eurasian population. Former Prime Minister for Civil Defense Blossius Aemilius Dracontius stated "the idea that every single person in the whole Empire could get to a fallout shelter in the maximum fifteen or twenty minutes before the nuclear strikes is simply impossible."

Public Shelters

Eurasia maintains a vast system of dedicated public fallout shelters, some of which are large, massive installations beneath buildings such as the Palace of the Senate and the various Provincial capital buildings or the various metro stations throughout the Empire which double as fallout shelters, while others are small units designed for a small number of people and are found throughout cities in key locations.

Metro Shelters

Government Shelters

Private Shelters

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