First Ashari War
The fall of Port Hammad
The last stand of the Ashari forces besieging Port Hammad surrounded by Tarajani troops, depicted by a Tarajani painter.


April 15th 1786 - October 26th 1801




Treaty of Mjaadir between Ashar and the Kingdom of Tarajan; establishment of OHC protectorate over Ashar coasts; Duresian conquest of the Silesian lands.


New Tarajan, Duresia, Ashar, OHC

Commanders and leaders

OHC/Kingdom of Tarajan: Heinrich Hohefstan - Anton Van Geldern, Duke of Eindhoven

Kingdom of Duresia: Duke Sjored Broeckdorf

Ashar: Sultan Ahmed V Kajas - Amir Selim III Sefar

The First Ashari War, also known as War of Mjaadi or, in Duresia, as the War of Liberation of Silesia, is a conflict fought at the end of the XVIII century between the Kingdom of Tarajan and the Kingdom of Duresia on one side, and the Ashari sultanate and its allies on the other. It marked the beginning of the Tarajani penetration in Ashar, the fall of the Ashari sultanate authority over a vast area of the region, and the end of Ashari threat for the surrounding States (through the loss of Silesia). Ultimately, the situation created by the Treaty of Mjaadi, which formally ended the conflict, proved untenable for all parties, leading to the Second Ashari War of 1859-60.

It is commonly included by historians inside the larger picture of the Altigantan Wars.

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