The First Partition of Newellia, the first of two, was the division and allotment of the lands of the former Newellian State in June 1947. The majority of the partition agreement was brokered by Arveyres among native Newellian tribal groups. This partition effectively ended Newellian national sovereignty.

During the Great War, the Bipartite Pact effectively displaced the majority of the ethnic tribal populations to work and extermination camps as part of the Omnestacita. The capital city of Newell was in total ruins following the end of the war, so the government was displaced and effectively disestablished.

Terms of the Partition

Following the end of the Great War and the evacuation of Newellia by the Empire of Eurasia and the Republic of Duresia after the emaciation of the population and environment, a bordering state, Arveyres managed to unite the leaders of the Newellian tribes in a pop-up city constructed by the Arveyran Government called Tashkent.

The Government of Arveyres brokered a unification between the main three tribes in Newellia, which in Eopik were together named the Kaaniit. The three tribes (Taksiit, Opiksiit, and Almiit), elected a monarch to rule in the fashion of the former Dominion of Arveyres. The first Queen of the Khanate was installed in August 1947, and was crowned in Aquino, Arveyres.

Two months after the installation of Queen Raquel, the government of the Khanate, in cooperation with Arveyres devised a plan to divide the country into three sub-national entities, they would become the nations of Tashkent, Uzbek, and Almaty.


The partition brought years of stability to a nation that was torn apart by a defensive war, but the agreement settled by all three of the tribes was broken by the Taksiit tribe (Tashkent Nation, northern portion of the Khanate), who invaded the other two and established the Khanate of Fire. The Khanate of Fire would eventually be invaded by writ of the Security Council of Esamir, and would lead to the Second Partition of Newellia.

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