Folke Tordenskjold


2 January 1895,
Uppsala, Aloia


17 September 1948
Konza City, Aloia

Resting place

Our Saviour's Cemetery,
Erikskrona, Svea


Eleanor Romaine


  • Count Erik Edward Tordenskjold of Erikskrona
  • Count Folke Tordenskjold of Erikskrona
  • Count Frederik Oscar Tordenskjold of Erikskrona


Oscar, Count of Erikskrona
Louise Tordenskjold, Princess of Aloia, Countess of Erikskrona

Folke Tordenskjold, Count of Erikskrona, (2 January 1895 – 17 September 1948) was an Aloian diplomat and nobleman. He was a member of the influential House Tordenskjold, and as a grandson of Queen Victoria Augusta, a nephew to his contemporary reigning king, Erik XIII. During the Great War he negotiated the release of thousands of prisoners from Eurasian and Duresian concentration camps, including 450 ethnic Aloians from the Chillwood camp.

After the war, Tordenskjold was chosen to lead an international investigation into war crimes committed during the Omnestacita. On 15 September 1948, he was shot by an Aloian supporter of Eurasia and Duresia in front of the Cathedral of the Beautiful Saviour while on holiday in Konza City. Tordenskjold died two days later at St. Anne's Hospital in Konza City. He was given a state funeral service in Zumbrota and buried in Erikskrona.

Tordenskjold was globally known for his diplomatic skills and is the namesake for many things throughout the world, including the Folke Tordenskjold Peace Award, an award given out every year by the government of Aloia to honor peacemakers and diplomats, and the Folke Islands in Patagonia