Fondikom flag
Flag of the Antique City of Fondikom




Fondikom, Diversity Prefecture

Council of Fondikom

Isohunil Barudalep
Faustus Nediorol
Vok Haimpreko
Aaron Mitzner
Paloma Solus


45 km2



Fondikom is the largest city in Diversity Prefecture and one of the most densely populated cities in Kaevi.


The first Pokotil settlers arrived on the then-unnamed island of Fondikom in 1703 to set up a farming community. However, the poor soil and little freshwater made farming very difficult and many of the settlers returned to the mainland. The town of settlers was frequently pillaged by pirates and used as a small trading post for illegal goods.

In the heat of Eurasian persecution of Judaism followers, a group of Jews made their way to the Pokotil Empire in 1741. The nobility, hoping the migrants would be able to eventually fend off the pirates in Fondikom, gave them land and a promise to never persecute their descendants on the island. The Jewish migrants quickly made Fondikom their new home and worked to make the town an international port of trade.


View of the Kaevi mainland from the Malnova Urbeto district.

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