Friederick Wilhelm II of New Tarajan
King Friederick Wilhelm II


20 July 1973 Astana, New Tarajan


Beatrix I ver Hohenzbroch


Sigismund Conrad

Full Name

Friederick Wilhelm Conrad Ludwig Anoushiravan Van Vinkel


House Van Vinkel


Conrad IV


Margarethe of Aloia



King Friederick Wilhelm II (Friederick Wilhelm Conrad Ludwig Anoushiravan Van Vinkel) is the 24th King of New Tarajan and current sovereign. He's also the 8th member of House Van Vinkel to bear the Imperial title (first established by Friederick I in 1864).

He was crowned King the 16th September 2010, after the death of his father Conrad IV. In 2001 he married Beatrix ver Hohenzbrock, who later gave birth to Sigismund Conrad, Crown Prince of New Tarajan.

Since his accession to the throne, Friederick Wilhelm impressed a whole new direction to Tarajani politics, definitely leading the country outside the period of reactionary policies inaugurated by his grandfather Conrad III after the restoration of the monarchy in 1944, and firmly reestablishing the liberal tradition the Kingdom was previously known for. A fundamental step along this path was his renunciation, a month after his coronation, to the role of Chancellor (the Prime Minister), given to his cousin, then-Marquis Conrad Van Vinkel, the establishment of a more independent executive power, and a legislative reform giving more powers to the Royal Diet.

His full title is: King of New Tarajan and Shah of all the Ajans, Emperor of the Outer Territories, Prince of Merlberg, Grand Duke of Muraz, of Alleskandberg and of Bakran, Duke of Coevorden and Kerkrade, Baron of Aix, Hereditary Prince of Arveyres, Lord of Nuyern and Aaken.

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