Duke Georg ver Broeckdorf
Minister of Interior
11916117 1000 851 80

Date of birth

27 October 1942

Place of birth

Cartagena, Arveyres

Political office

Minister of Interior






House of Broeckdorf


Mathilde Broeckdorf


Hans Broeckdorf, Marius Broeckdorf, Friedrik Broeckdorf, Heinrik Broeckdorf, Johanna Broeckdorf, Katharina Broeckdorf, Saskia Broeckdorf, Dario Calina, Cesare Alderisi, Serafia Cibaldi


Church of Lyria

Alma mater

University of Julium

Head of House Broeckdorf


Karl Josef ver Broeckdorf

Duke Georg Heinrik Marius ver Broeckdorf (born 27 October 1942) is a Libertarian Conservative Duresian politician, philantropist, buisnessman and writer.

Georg ver Broeckdorf as the Duke of Schaleswik-Seeburg has resided there since 1947 after his family was allowed to return to Duresia from Arveyres.

Broeckdorf became Minister of Interior in the Höffbek Government in 2015. Duke Georg is placed 14th on the list of most wealthy people in Norda.

Georg ver Broeckdorf is a popular public figure in mass media and in the Internet, mainly due to his unusual or eccentric ways of demonstrating his political stances. For instance, together with the Duresian musician Chris Zugg, he protested against the high taxes in Duresia by eating his tax return in front of the Duresian revenue service office.

Broeckdorf is a professional Contract bridge player and a fan of ski jumping, sailing and fencing.

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