George Sutherland

Political office

51st Chancellor of Aloia

In office

10 January 1925 - 10 January 1933

Preceded by

Charles Evans Hughes

Succeeded by

Peter Cassidy


George Lewis Sutherland
13 December 1859
rural Wesford, New Zealand


21 October 1943
Zumbrota, Victoria

Political party

Conservative Party of Aloia

Spouse and family

Olympia Carlson
5 children

Alma mater

Dakota State University
Moorhead State University


Presbyterian Church of Aloia

George Sutherland (13 December 1859 - 21 October 1943) was a New Zealand-born Aloian jurist and politician. He served as Chancellor of Aloia from 10 January 1925 to 10 January 1933 and as a Justice of the Supreme Court of Aloia from 1935 until his death in 1943.

Sutherland was born in rural Welsford, New Zealand in 1859. After a series of crop failures, the family lost their farm and they traveled around the country looking for work. In 1872, the family decided to head north to Aloia, to go to Dakota to start a farm there. The family arrived there in the spring of 1873 and established a successful farm near the city of Piedmont.

Sutherland grew up in Piedmont and attended Dakota State University. Sutherland then joined the Royal Aloian Navy. After 10 years in the navy, Sutherland went back to school and got his law degree from Moorhead State University. In 1897, he returned to Piedmont to run a business as a lawyer. In 1906, he was appointed to the Supreme Court of the state of Dakota. He served until 1916, when he ran for the vacant seat on the High Council, winning and becoming one of Dakota's two Councillors.

In 1924, he sought the nomination of the Conservative Party to run for Chancellor. He received their nomination and went on to win the election. He appointed fellow Meskotan Peter Cassidy to be his Minister of Agriculture and the Environment. Cassidy turned on Sutherland in the 1928 election, running against him as a Federalist. Sutherland defeated Cassidy. Sutherland retired after his second term and Cassidy ended up winning the 1932 election, succeeding Sutherland. 

In 1935, Cassidy nominated Sutherland to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court of Aloia. Sutherland was unanimously confirmed by the High Council and Sutherland served on the court until his death in 1943.