Georgia Bell Davis
Davis, as seen in an interview in 2012

Political office

61st Chancellor of Aloia

In office

10 January 1993 - 10 January 1997

Preceded by

Hadrian Rhodes

Succeeded by

Jeanne Beauchene


Georgia Tucker Bell
21 January 1956
Manhattan, Konza

Political party

Green Party (1982-2012)
Christian Democratic Union (2012-present)


Paul Davis


3 girls, 2 boys

Alma mater

Konza State University
University of Konza


Church of Aloia

Georgia Bell Davis (born 21 January 1956) is an Aloian cattle rancher and politician who served as Chancellor of Aloia from 1993-1997. 

Davis was born into the wealthy Bell family of Manhattan, Konza. The Bells are one of the largest land-owners in Kozna and operate a large cattle ranching operation. The Bells also were major early supporters of Konza's Green Party. Konza's Green Party promotes sustainable farming and grassroots democracy. The Bells' influence in the state Green Party enabled Davis to make valuable connections throughout the national party. Davis was elected to the State Senate as Georgia Bell in 1982 when she was 26. She married her fiance Paul Davis in 1983 and then became known as Georgia Bell Davis.

Davis was elected to the Senate in 1986 when she was 30. Davis was chosen by the national Green Party to as their candidate for Chancellor in 1992. She narrowly defeated 6 other opponents to become the 61st Chancellor of Aloia. Davis was the first Green Party Chancellor, second female Chancellor, and youngest Chancellor ever in Aloia's history, being only 36 when she was elected. 35 is the legal minimum age for the office of Chancellor.

Davis' term as Chancellor was rather uneventful until the Atanosian War broke out. Davis decided Aloia should remain neutral in the conflict. The majority of Aloians wished to see Aloia go into war following her allies. As a result of this disconnect between her and the voters, she was defeated in the 1996 election. She was succeeded by Social Democrat Jeanne Beauchene.

After the election, Davis returned to the Bell family ranch with her family to return to her first passion, agriculture. Davis today has said she is no longer a member of the Green Party but instead identifies with the Christian Democratic Union.

Davis is descended from Newellians who fled to Aloia for refuge in the Great War, as part of Archbishop Paul Sheridan's operation to smuggle Newellians across the border.