Goedewind Castle
Goedewind Castle
Goedewind Castle at evening


XV - XVIII centuries


Goedewind, Duchy of North Brandelhorn, NT


Seat of House Van Leeuwen

Goedewind Castle is one of the most ancient fortresses of New Tarajan: originally built by an anonymous Ajanic lord in the middle of the XV century, the place was further fortified by House Van Hood, when it took possession of the land after the Battle of Lake Horat (1544). In 1557, House Van Hood was extinguished, and all its titles, including the fiefdom of Goedewind, passed to House Van Leeuwen with the consent of Sigismund Heinrich I, who ruled the neighbouring territories formerly belonging to the Ajanic Shahdom.

Under the counts (dukes after 1617) of House Van Leeuwen, the castle was fortified and modernized in order to answer to the developments in siege tactics and warfare, including the creation of ramparts all around its perimeter, also able to mount cannons for defense purposes. In 1620, after the death of Duke Marteen III (1599 - 1620), the original Duchy of Brandelhorn was split between two different branches of the family, and Goedewind went to Marteen IV (1620 - 1670), second son of the deceased duke, who decided to make the castle a more suitable residence for a ducal house. It is in this period that the residential area of the castle took shape: the duke bought the services of one of the most prominent Tarajani architects of the period, Lorentz Van Berneen, who quickly designed an elegant, but simple, palace (significantly different, in style, from the successive, baroque, buildings he will design). In 1740, after an earthquake almost destroyed the castle, Duchess Eileen (1723 - 1755) reconstructed the building, also profiting from the occasion to fresco the new ducal apartments and to build the gardens at the west side of the castle.

The external walls and ramparts, pride of the fortress, were destroyed in 1932 by the Goedewind administration, in order to gain space for the Monument of the Proletariat. The monument was itself destroyed in 1945 under order of the new Duke Marteen VI (1944 - 1978) after the restoration of the monarchy, but it was impossible to rebuild the ramparts.

Nowadays, the castle is still home of House Van Leeuwen (when its members don't reside in Astana, in Palace Van Leeuwen), and it hosts the meeting of the ducal Landsraad of North Brandelhorn. It also hosts a section of the Goedewind Museum of History.

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