Government of Aloia
Coat aloia
Coat of arms of the government of the Kingdom of Aloia



Head of State


Royal seat

Heiligenburg Palace

Head of Government


Upper house

High Council

Lower House


Legislative seat

Concordia Hall

Judicial body

Supreme Court

Judicial seat

Palace of Justice

Her Majesty's Government, commonly referred to as the Aloian Government, is the central government of the Kingdom of Aloia.

Aloia is a constitutional monarchy, and federal legislative power is vested in the Senate and the High Council. Executive power is placed with the Chancellor, an individual elected by a general election and officially appointed by the Queen. The Ministries of Aloia are under the authority of the Chancellor. The Supreme Court interprets laws and delivers judgments.

The constitution emphasizes the protection of individual liberty in an extensive catalogue of human and civil rights and divides powers both between the federal and state levels and between the legislative, executive and judicial branches.

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