Grace Cathedral
Grace cathedral






Church of Aloia




French Gothic



Grace Cathedral, officially the Cathedral Church of the Grace of God, is a Lutheran cathedral in Minneapolis, Aloia. It was preceded as Minneapolis's cathedral by the House of Saint Mary, a 10th century church that had been the headquarters of the Saxon Order. In the early 20th century, it was decided that Minneapolis needed a larger cathedral and Grace Cathedral was built. The House of Saint Mary still serves a parish and is a major basilica of the Church of Aloia.

Gace Cathedral is located on a hill overlooking the Minnesota River valley near central Minneapolis. It is the cathedral church of the Archdiocese of Minneapolis, the third-oldest and most populous diocese of the Church of Aloia.

The cathedral is known for its replica of Ghiberti's Gates of Paradise, two labyrinths, varied stained glass windows, and medieval and contemporary furnishings, as well as its forty-four bell carillon, three organs, and choirs. 

The current Archbishop of Minneapolis is Richard Mobley. 

Grace labyrinth

Grace is known for its prayer labyrinth.


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