Grand Duchy of Bakran
Grand Duchy of Bakran
The coat of arms of the Grand Duchy


New Tarajan





Ruling House

House Van Vinkel



The Grand Duchy of Bakran is a Koninklijk Staat in the Kingdom of New Tarajan. Its capital is Leeuwarden, although the State takes its name from the ancient Ajanic city of Bakran, fifteen kilometers south of the capital.


The Grand Duchy of Bakran was the first independent fiefdom created by the Antanaresian knights in the lands formerly belonging to the Ajanic Shahs of Astana.

It was founded in 1505 by Gustav Van Der Grudeln, the leader of the first knights who landed in Tarajan. House Van Der Grudeln ruled the Grand Duchy during the troubled period of the feudal anarchy and, after 1597, as vassals of the Kings of Tarajan (although the House sided with the Landsraad during the conflict culminating with the Second Battle of Himeraa. It was precisely during the feudal anarchy that the capital was moved from Bakran (a dying city with a very weak position to defend) to the newly-founded settlement of Leeuwarden, in 1525. During this whole period, the Grand Duchy was united with the Grand Duchy of Alleskandberg, which was also considered, by the ruling House, as the most important of the twos.

In 1714, Grand Duke Florian III died without heirs, thus ending the main branch of the family. As a result the Grand Duchy reverted to the Crown (although a cadet branch of the House was bestowed with the Duchy of Ijzerland eigtheen years after), which administered it until 1914, when the Communist Revolution abolished the monarchy. The Grand Duchy saw a constant decline under the communist regime: unsuitable for industrialization, its lands were almost entirely devoted to monoculture, with catastrophic environmental consequences. During the Civil War, it was heavily contended by both royalist and communist forces, and many of its towns were destroyed or suffered heavy destructions.

In 1944, with the official restoration of the monarchy, the Grand Duchy saw peace again, but not economic prosperity: a census made ten years later showed it to be one of the poorest States of the whole Kingdom, and programs to revert the environmental disaster created by the communists were never decisively realized. From the middle of the 1970's, however, on the wake of renewed interest for tourism, the Grand Duchy adopted new initiatives, aimed at preserving its enormous cultural heritage and to promote tourism. As a result, from the following decade the economy of the State tripled in value, beginning a recovery which also allowed for partial environmental restorations. At the beginning of the century, the government of the Grand Duchy signed important deals with neighbouring States for strategic infrastructure projects, and in 2014 the Great Bakran Project (aimed at completely restoring the ancient site) saw its official completion.

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