Copenahen canal
A canal and rowhouses in downtown Halle.








1.3 million
2.9 million metropolitan

Notable structures

Peace Hall, Cathedral Basilica of Our Lord of Peace

Halle is a city in the Aloian state of Saxony. Halle is an economic and educational center in southern Aloia. The University of Halle-Wittenburg is the biggest university in Saxony and one of the oldest universities in Aloia. Together with Wittenburg and Augsburg, Halle is the heart of the state of Saxony.

Halle is the seat of the Archdiocese of Halle, the oldest diocese in Aloia. Halle is also the namesake for the nation of Aloia. Aloia's name comes from a corrupted form of the Pax Haloica, a document signed in Halle that united the kingdoms of Konza and Minnesota and the duchies of Svea and Saxony under one common Aloian crown.

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