c. 800s AD







Hanover is a city in the Aloian state of Victoria. Hanover is the seat of the Duchy of Hanover, which gave its name to the state of Hanover, until the state changed its name to Victoria in 1902. The Duke of Hanover is always the monarch of Aloia, currently Victoria III. 

Hanover was one of the founding members of the Baltic League, a commercial and defensive confederation of merchant guilds and their market cities. The 1417 Peace of Halle resulted in a dramatic restructuring of the League. Hanover and its surrounding region were now recognized as the Duchy of Hanover, with the Monarch of Northumbria and Anglia serving also as the Duke of Hanover. 

A main result of 1593's Uppsala Synod was the renaming of the Baltic League to the Kingdom of Aloia and the Duke of Hanover's main title became King of Aloia. Duke of Hanover is still a title borne by the King. In 1849, Queen Victoria Augusta moved the capital of Aloia to Hanover's neighboring city of Zumbrota, causing major growth in the immediate vicinity of Zumbrota, Hanover, and Red Wing. In 1902, the Duchy of Hanover was renamed Victoria in honor of Queen Victoria who had died the year before.