Friherr Hans ver Broeckdorf

Date of birth

13 November 1968

Place of birth

Seeburg , Duchy of Schaleswik-Seeburg, Duresia






House of Broeckdorf


Johanna Broeckdorf


Heinrik Broeckdorf, Giselle Broeckdorf


Church of Lyria

Alma mater

Kresburg School of Trade

Hans ver Broeckdorf (born 13 November 1968) is a Duresian diplomat and businessman. Mostly he is known for his diplomatic career where he worked at the Duresian embassies in Aloia and New Tarajan. He is also known for being the 30th most wealthy man in Norda.

Early life

Broeckdorf was born in Seeburg on 13 November 1968. After graduating from Trade College in Kresburg a he served in the Duresian army from 1987 to 1990. He recieved a dual degree in Economics and Lyric philology with specialization in Tajarani Dutch and English from the Kresburg Trade School.


After his graduation, Broeckdorf took up a job at the Duresian embassy in Aloia where he worked for several years before getting moved to New Tarajan. Due to his knowledge of those two nations he is often tasked as the personal advisor to the Emperor and the Imperial Council. Outside of the diplomatic work, Broeckdorf is a succesful businessman owning a big amount of shares in the East Duresian real estate market.

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