An Heerlijkheden, Tarajani Dutch for Lordship, is one of three types of States forming the Kingdom of New Tarajan, tracing their origins back to the feudal fragmentation which characterized the lands of Tarajan until the birth of the unified Kingdom (1595).

An autonomy region under all aspects, the Lordship distinguishes itself from a Royal State (Koninklijk Staat) only in the fact it is not ruled directly by the Royal House, but by one of the Tarajani Major Houses instead. The Lordships enjoy full freedom in many fields, except in the realms of foreign relations (although they can establish very specific kind of treaties with other countries, subjects to approval by the Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs), defense (although they maintain their own armed forces), and specific issues of strategic and national interest. All Lordships are organized in a way similar to the Kingdom itself, with a Diet, a local Landraad (composed by the members of the local aristocracies, or Minor Houses), and, of course, a Lord, who has powers similar to those enjoyed by the King on a national scale.

The Lordhips of the Kingdom are:

  • Principality of Horat
  • Principality of Groteweg
  • Principality of Landgraaf
  • Principality of Drethen
  • Duchy of Ijzerland
  • Duchy of Eindhoven
  • Duchy of Shraman
  • Duchy of North Brandelhorn
  • Duchy of South Brandelhorn
  • Duchy of Hogeberg
  • Duchy of Drachten
  • Duchy of Anneland
  • Duchy of Bergen
  • County of Marisah
  • County of Heinrichstadt
  • County of Vaandal
  • County of Wittenberg
  • County of Edeland
  • County of Stargard
  • Landgraviate of Bergenfort
  • Landgraviate of Meisjecasteel
  • Margraviate of Naarden

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