Senate hill

Senate Hill, as seen from Heiligenberg Palace.

The Heiligenberg district is a neighborhood in Zumbrota, the capital of Aloia. Heiligenberg is known for being the home of Heiligenberg Palace, Heiligenberg Abbey, and Senate Hill. As a result Heiligenberg is home to the Aloian legislature, Supreme Court, and royal family. The district is made up of the former territory of the Heiligenberg monastery. The district largely consists of parkland surrounding the government buildings. The neighborhood covers both sides of the Zumbro River in Zumbrota. 

When the capital was moved from Minneapolis to Zumbrota in 1849, Queen Victoria Augusta and her government claimed the land of the Heiligenberg monastery, moving the religious community to another monastery outside of Zumbrota. Victoria built her palace on the north side of the river and converted the abbey church into a royal chapel. The government built their new meeting building, Concordia Hall, and the rest of their complex on the south side of the river on the bluffs. 

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