Heiligenberg Palace
Heiligenberg Palace, viewed over the Palace Gardens


Zumbrota, Victoria



Heiligenberg Palace is the private residence of the Aloian royal family. It is located in Zumbrota and built on the Heiligenberg, a wide, flat hill on the south side of the Zumbro River. Apart from being the private residence of the Aloian royal family, the palace is a popular tourist attraction.

The hill on which the palace sits was originally home to a church and a monastery. Heiligenberg means "holy mountain," in the local Saxon dialect, a reference to the old Lutheran church and monastery.

After Zumbrota was declared capital of Aloia in 1849 during the reign of Queen Victoria Augusta, the royal family purchased the monastery and relocated its members to another monastery in the countryside. The Queen's staff then demolished the monastery and built a new palace. The church, Heiligenberg Abbey, still stands and is used as a chapel for the royal family, with most royal baptisms, weddings, and coronations taking place there.