Hennepin Bay


Baltic Sea, Naskigo



Primary inflows

Minnesota River, Atlas River, St. Croix River, etc.

Primary outflows

Bay of Biscay, Albanian Straits

Basin countries

Aloia, Arveyres

Major settlements

Minneapolis, Halle, Cadiz

Hennepin Bay, also called Asturian Bay in Arveyres (Arveyran: Bahia asturiana), is a loosely defined area of water in the larger Bay of Biscay. Hennepin Bay is defined as the northern half of the Bay of Biscay.

Hennepin Bay is one of many things in the Minneapolis area named for Louis Hennepin, Archbishop of Minneapolis from 1676 to 1705. The bay received the name in the early 1700s and has maintained dominance as a geographic term as used in Aloia and as the primary English-language name.