A modern artistic depiction of the prince.

Hermaeus Mora (Eurasian: Hermaeus Mora; Dovahzul: Hermamorah), also known as Hoermius, Hormaius, Herma Mora, and The Woodland Man is the Daedric Prince of knowledge and memory; his sphere is the scrying of the tides of Fate, of the past and future as read in the stars and heavens. He is not known for being good or evil; he seems to be the keeper of both helpful and destructive knowledge, although he usually sees all seekers of any knowledge as his servants. His realm is Apocrypha. His sister is Mephala.

Hermaeus Mora is one of the most reclusive princes in legend, and only interacts with mortals if he can gain something from the exchange. He frequently tricks mortals for information they might hold, and never is said to appear in human form, instead choosing an inhuman morass of tentacles. However, Mora is not believed to be evil necessarily, instead being merely indifferent. He is nonetheless one of the most feared and powerful Daedric princes in Deosian lore.