High Archprimate of Novem Deos
Coat of arms of the High Archprimate


Marcus Aemilius Aemilianus




Novem Deos

First incumbent



Unknown, probable ~300 BCE

The High Archprimate of Novem Deos is the theological leader of the Deosian religion, and is equivalent to the Pontifex Maximus of Mos Maiorum. Unlike in Mos Maiorum, the Archprimate does not maintain any tangible political position, but instead serves in a solely theological role. Whilst nominally the head of Novem Deos, in actuality the position of Archprimate is purely a ceremonial one, and each god in Novem Deos maintains their own devoted cults, each of whom is governed by a Primate of their own choosing who swears ceremonial fealty to the High Archprimate.

In the occasions when an Emperor is Deosian by faith, the positions of Pontifex Maximus and High Archprimate switch, meaning the Prime Minister of Culture becomes the Pontifex Maximus until the Emperor's death, as according to the Writs of the Setertiamillenniary. It is highly unusual for this to be the case, but Eurasia law does account for it where it does. It is, in fact, the only exception to the laws of Imperial succession, which do not account for any other difference in faith.

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