High King of Cortoriacum
The current High King, Cenhelm Iron-Heart


350 CE

Inaugural Holder


Current Holder

Cenhelm Iron-Heart





The High King of Cortoriacum (Dovahzul: Thursegolt) is the hereditary ruler of the Cortoriacum, a province of the Eurasian Empire. The position was created in 350 CE by the Emperor of Eurasia in the Writ of Bequeathment for retired members of the Praetorian Guard, in recognition of their service.

The Margraviate is the only noble position in the entire Eurasian Empire held by a House not related to the House of Eurasius, excluding Arveyres. The High King is the equivalent of elected praetors in other provinces, and represents Cortoriacum abroad. The Kingdom is ethnically Lyrian, also making it the only instance in Eurasia of a province being led by a non-Eurasian or non-Raetic family.

The Holds of Cortoriacum, each headed by an jarl, swear fealty to the Margrave and are subservient to him in all political matters, though they themselves function in the same vein as prefects of other provincial prefectures do. The High King resides in the Hofkahsethur, or "Overlord's House", in Solitude.

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