The Province of Cortoriacum is divided into eight holds, each of which is controlled by an Jarl, who resides in the capital city. The Jarls are largely independent, but swear fealty to the High King of Cortoriacum, who in turn swears fealty to the Emperor of Eurasia. Each county has its own guards, who are ultimately officers of the Ministerium of the Police, though they act autonomously and the main police executory exerts little direct control over their peacekeeping.

Holds of Cortoriacum

Hold Capital Jarl
Eastmarch Windhelm Brunwulf Free-Winter
Falkreath (Hold) Falkreath (City) Siddgeir
Haafingar Solitude Elisif the Fair
Hjaalmarch Morthal Idgrod Ravencrone
The Pale Dawnstar Skald the Elder
The Reach Markarth Igmund
The Rift Riften Laila Law-Giver
Winterhold (Hold) Winterhold (City) Korir
Whiterun (Hold) Whiterun (City) Balgruuf the Greater