House Van Vinkel-Tarajan
Two Sicilies-Tarajan
Flag insignia of House Van Vinkel-Tarajan


New Tarajan


King of New Tarajan and Shah of all the Ajans, Emperor of the Outer Territories, Prince of Merlberg, Grand Duke of Muraz, of Alleskandberg and of Bakran, Duke of Coevorden and Kerkrade, Baron of Aix, Lord of Nuyern and Aaken




Sigismund Heinrich II Van Vinkel

Current head

Friederick Wilhelm II Van Vinkel


Antanaresians, Tarajani

The House Van Vinkel-Tarajan is the main branch of the House Van Vinkel. Born in 1597 with the coronation of Sigismund Heinrich II as first King of Tarajan, it keeps the royal title since then. In 1864 it also gained the imperial title, with Friederick I.

Its head is King Friederick Wilhelm II of New Tarajan.

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