House Acribaldi
2000px-Great coat of arms of the king of italy (1890-1946).svg
Acribaldi coat of arms


Duresia, Arveyres


Holy Duresian Emperor, King of the Ascanians, King of the Arensian Islands, Duke of Versoica, Duke of Sureua (current), Prince of Sureua



Final ruler

Emperor Serpentes II Acribaldi


Ascanian, Arveyran

Head of House

Mirela Acribaldi



The House of Acribaldi or House of Ascania was one of the most important royal houses of Norda. The throne of the Holy Duresian Empire was continuously occupied by the Acribaldis between 1438 and 1490. The house also produced many dukes in Ascania, Arveyres and the Arensian Islands.

The House takes its name from Acrival Castle, a fortress built in the 1020s in present-day Arveyres by Duchess Aureline Acrival, a key member in the unification of Arveyres as a diplomat who helped organize the annexation of Salamanca.

By 1276, Duchess Aureline's seventh-generation descendant, Leopold of Acribaldi, had moved the family's power base from Acribaldi Castle to the Duchy of Versoica in Ascania. Leopold had become Duke of Versoica and later prince of Sureua in 1273, and the dynasty of the House of Acribaldi was truly entrenched in 1276 when Leopold became ruler of Ascania, which the Acribaldis ruled until 1490.

After they lost the rule of Holy Duresian Empire to the Hohenzbrocks they remained as Dukes of Sureua until today.

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