House of Alfheah
Frumcynn of Alfheahe
Arms of the House of Alfheah





350 CE


Æthelwulf the Great of Cortoriacum

Current head

Cenhelm II Arod


Eurasians (by citizenship)

The House of Alfheah (Eindwardish: Frumcynn of Alfheahe) is the ruling house of the Province of Cortoriacum, and one of only two houses outside of the House of Eurasius to maintain any legal standing in the Eurasian Empire. It is vested with the power of the Margrave of Cortoriacum, who is the highest provincial executive in Cortoriacum. The current Margrave, Cenhelm II Arod, ascended the throne upon the death of his mother, Mildþryð.

The House of Alfheah won the Margraviate through warfare, engaging with other rival claimant houses in the War of Acum, which transpired following the death of Æthelheard, who left no heirs to the throne. Three alliances of houses fought for the Margraviate, and Alfheah won and supplanted itself as ruler of Cortoriacum, largely with the approval of the Imperial Eurasian House. As is the nature of Cortoriacum, the House had possessed the throne previously, but lost it. It now has held the throne for the longest period in Einwardish history.

Alfheah translates from Eindwardish roughly to "high elven", which is suspected to be an homage to the house's progenitor's tall, pale stature. It is likely a calque of the Eurasian name for the house, gens Animaia, which roughly means "House of High-Spirit", with spirit referring to the common Eurasian term for elf, as Eurasian possesses no word for elf directly.

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